Hotel Katarma, exterior
Live like a local in San Cristobal
Support local businesses
Conserve the Galapagos' natural resources

about us

Katarma is the premier boutique art hotel in the Galapagos. We combine harmonious architecture and interior design with sculptures inspired by the majestic flora and fauna of the Galapagos. 

Our mission is to make your stay a memorable experience and to appreciate the magic of the art, the local culture, the beauty and the conservation and protection of the enchanted islands, while enjoying the hospitality of Hotel Katarma.

Hotel Katarma Galapagos

save energy and Conserve

We make every effort to minimize our environmental impact and save non-renewable resources. Much of our art and architecture is made from recycled ceramics and other materials discarded by local hardware stores. We use wind-generated electricity, and we also compost and recycle whenever possible.

cultural exchange

​Our spaces have been thoughtfully designed to facilitate deep conversations and cultural exchange between the local community and our guests. In our art gallery, you can see paintings that show how we live in harmony with the natural beauty of the Galapagos. Interact with local residents in the lounge, and enjoy the way we live in San Cristobal.

support Local businesses

We promote equitable distribution of tourism on San Cristobal Island. We work with locally-owned tour operators, and employ permanent residents. We also use locally-sourced food and supplies to serve our guests.