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San Cristobal

save energy and COnserve

Katarma minimizes the environmental impacts and saves non-renewable resources through:

  • Utilizing electricity produced by wind turbines - service for the community provided by the utility company Elecgalápagos.
  • The decoration of the hotel and part of the construction material uses demolished material, recycled ceramic pieces, discarded by local hardware stores.
  • The hotel uses natural ventilation as rooms are designed with opposing windows, allowing wind circulation.
  • The hotel food supplies provided to our guests are 100% organic, acquired locally, and of a unique and exclusive flavor, such as the San Cristobal coffee and tropical fruits grown in the island. This way, the load decreases for the number of cargo flights required and less fuel is consumed.
  • Solid wastes are recycled in coordination with the services provided by the San Cristobal Municipal Government - compost utilized for agriculture is produced from the organic waste, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, paper, cans, etc. are recycled and reused in the mainland Ecuador; and, finally, the trash that cannot be recycled is sent to Guayaquil (in the mainland) for a proper and safe disposal. 
  • All lighting within the hotel use energy-saving bulbs or LED technology.
  • We encourage the participation in leisure or intellectual activities.
  • We like to ride a bike or walk constantly. The Katarma Hotel is located strategically within the town and guests can easily walk to nearby visitor areas including the local pier, La Loberia Beach, the Galapagos Interpretation Center, the Frigatebird Hill (Las Tijeretas), Los Marinos Beach (Playa de los Marinos), or Mann Beach (Playa Mann), etc. 
  • We respect and abide by the provisions of the Law for the Special Regime for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Galapagos (Ley Orgánica de Régimen Especial para la Conservación y Desarrollo Sustentable de Galápagos - LOREG).
  • The hotel has 14 rooms with a total of 28 beds, that way we can provide personalized attention to our guests without spending excess energy.