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Andres David Basantes
Art inside Hotel Katarma Galapagos
The Quimera, a ceramic mural by Andres David Basantes


The Quimera, a mural designed by Andrés and worked with recycled pottery shards, where the red, black and land colors predominate. The Quimera represents a being (or several beings), with its outstanding eyes, scouting and visionary. Its extremities full of strength and horns... it could be a bull, or a minotaur in his island, guarding a maze of pictures: peaks, head of birds, spiny ridges and claws of iguanas, hooves, paws and tails.  

Maybe looking better or looking back you can understand what is being done is for it not to be understood. Things of art. But it would not be a bad idea if Andrés engage solely to be a writer or philosopher.

about andrés david basantes

A polyglot, poet, philosopher and art-ready, Andrés is knowledgeable about different cultures, and has travelled the world saving mountains and bridges. He is also a specialist in marketing and languages.